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Oxford Capital and our portfolio companies

Tigre gas-to-wire project hits MER UK ‘bullseye’

By Oxford Capital December 4, 2018

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Oxford Capital announces the completion of the second phase of their UK Solar PV refinancing programme

By Oxford Capital October 30, 2018

In December 2017 specialist investment manager Oxford Capital completed the first of three planned phases of the refinancing of their 92MWp UK Solar PV portfolio. Today the firm has announced the completion of the second phase of the programme. This second phase saw a further £19m provided by Oxford Capital and funds managed by BlackRock,…...

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Thank you from Laughton Community Primary School

By Oxford Capital June 9, 2016

The children at Laughton Community Primary School in East Sussex have sent us a wonderful thank you card, pictured below. Solar panels were installed on the roof of the school as part of the community contribution made by one of our investee companies. The children then carried out a project to learn more about solar…...

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Building an Anaerobic Digestion plant

By Oxford Capital April 12, 2016

Last month, one of our new Anaerobic Digestion plants produced electricity for the first time. Based in Argoed, mid-Wales, the process of commissioning and building the plant began in June 2015. Investment Manager Jevon Carding looks back at the development of project.   … Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting for Business solution.Building an Anaerobic Digestion…...

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50 is the magic number: Why the UK power market urgently needs investment to provide frequency stability

By Oxford Capital December 10, 2015

The UK electricity transmission system was built to allow spare capacity to be shared rather than replicated within each local network. This allowed output from the lowest cost generation to be maximised. It also meant larger, more efficient power stations could be built further away from electricity demand. But this transmission system requires very careful…...

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More to Come: A Self-Reinforcing Cycle in the UK Power Market is Encouraging Further Renewable Generation

By Oxford Capital October 21, 2015

A self-reinforcing cycle is emerging in UK fossil fuel generation, where falling capacity factors are pushing up costs, encouraging more renewables and putting further downward pressure on capacity factors. Such a cycle is supportive for the installation of additional renewable generation. It is well known that solar farms are unable to produce power at all…...

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Oxford Capital Further Strengthens its Distributed Energy Strategy with Investments in UK Reserve Power

By Oxford Capital October 16, 2015

UK excess power margin could hit 0% in the winter of 2016-17, making winter blackouts and other power problems more likely. This has created an opportunity to invest in ‘Reserve Power’ – high-specification, small-scale generating plant that receives multiple revenue streams by providing electricity when most needed. The UK’s power supply has typically operated with…...

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The Introduction of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) Creates Significant Opportunities for External Financiers

By Oxford Capital October 6, 2015

The demand for Energy Efficiency Installations will be accelerated by the introduction of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). With many building owners unable to meet their funding obligations, there will be significant opportunities for external financiers. Under the Energy Act 2011, from April 2018, it will be unlawful to let properties that fail to achieve…...

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With Our Distributed Energy Strategy, We Often Find That Small is Beautiful

By Oxford Capital October 1, 2015

When discussing the two flagship products at Oxford Capital – Growth Capital and Infrastructure, I meet a number of investors who seek the best of both worlds and ask me a derivative of the same question – can we manage an infrastructure-style portfolio with growth-style returns over 15%? The answer, of course, is yes. We…...

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Capturing the Value within Distributed Energy Storage

By Oxford Capital September 15, 2015

The use of energy storage has the ability to improve both power quality and power costs. We argue that locating storage close to end users, in the form of Distributed Energy storage, offers the greatest benefit to both investors and consumers. The increased use of intermittent energy sources in the UK creates issues for the…...

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Why the Big End of Town is Paying Attention to Distributed Energy

By Oxford Capital September 11, 2015

The business model of large UK utilities is currently under siege from a combination of lower revenues and higher costs – and will need to embrace Distributed Energy to survive. Investors in Distributed Energy will benefit. On the revenue side, the emergence of Distributed Energy is bringing new (competing) sources of supply to the grid,…...

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Oxford Capital Announces Sale Of 6.7 MWp Residential Solar PV Portfolio

By Oxford Capital September 10, 2015

Oxford Capital has announced the sale of a 6.7MWp portfolio of residential solar power installations to Spring Park Capital, a specialist renewable investor supported by British Solar Renewables and Scandinavian industrial conglomerate Siem Industries. The portfolio consists of 2,367 separate solar installations located on residential properties throughout the South West of England, acquired by Oxford…...

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Energy Demand Management – The next big opportunity

By Oxford Capital September 9, 2015

Energy Demand Management – The next big opportunity The rise of Distributed Energy (DE) is acknowledged as an ongoing shift in the way energy is generated, transmitted and consumed. As a result global utility companies and investors alike are monitoring events in the DE market to formulate strategies to benefit from this ongoing shift. The…...

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Distributed Energy Addresses Shortfall in Safe Assets

By Oxford Capital August 5, 2015

As bonds face mounting interest rate risks and investors look further afield for safe assets, the case for investments in Distributed Energy backed by real assets with index-linked contractual income is building. We look at this trend and the opportunities it presents. Events since 2008 have served to reduce the supply of safe assets just…...

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How distributed energy can help address the UK's power 'trilemma'

By Oxford Capital July 16, 2015

Distributed energy offers the potential for high investor returns whilst addressing the energy ‘trilemma’ of security, sustainability, and affordability. Historically, the cost of generating power in the UK has been higher than the cost of transporting power – with typically 40% of a household power bill being generation and 20% being transmission. As a result,…...

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The “Sub-mega” Infrastructure Investment Opportunity

By Oxford Capital June 24, 2015

As featured in Portfolio Institutional – Friday View article on 12 June 2015 The attractions of infrastructure investments to institutional investors are well understood and well documented. They offer long term income streams, generate cash coupons, are backed by the security of real assets and are not significantly correlated to the other major asset classes…....

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Who needs pinhole cameras?

By Oxford Capital March 24, 2015

Unfazed by cloud cover in Oxford, our Infrastructure team took in last week’s eclipse by observing the impact on our portfolio of solar panels. Given the level of cloud cover disrupting the view of this celestial event from our Oxford headquarters, not to mention the dangers of squinting at the sun, the geekier amongst our…...

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Oxford Capital’s Renewable Energy Fund Featured In Environmental Finance

By Oxford Capital January 26, 2015

Our first renewable energy fund targeted at institutional investors has been profiled in Environmental Finance, a leading industry publication. You can access the full article here.

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Oxford Capital To Attend Major Infrastructure Investment Conference

By Oxford Capital October 3, 2014

Our investor relations team, who look after our growing base of institutional clients, are delighted to be involved with the AltAssets LP-GP Infrastructure Conference. At the event, which takes place in London on 7th October, we will be hosting a panel discussion entitled, “Filling the Vacuum: The emergence of new Infrastructure”. We will explore how…...

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Oxford Capital Promotes Two To Investment Director

By Oxford Capital February 17, 2014

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Oliver Hughes and Martyn Holman to Investment Directors, as we continue to develop our investment expertise. Oliver is responsible for leading infrastructure investments. He joined the firm in 2012 to build our renewable energy infrastructure investment portfolio. Last year our infrastructure investment portfolio trebled in size. In…...

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