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Oxford Capital and our portfolio companies

European unicorns – more common than you might think…

By Oxford Capital June 22, 2015
A new report shows that Europe has produced 40 $1bn companies since 2000, nearly half of which were British businesses. The chances are that you have actually seen several unicorns. In fact, you probably encounter them on a daily basis. When Aileen Lee coined the term in 2003, to describe companies that have achieved a…
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The Natural History Museum is trialling Exosect's pheromone product to protect exhibits from moth damage

By Oxford Capital June 16, 2015
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Oxford Capital Appoints Tom Bradley As Managing Director Of Growth Capital

By Oxford Capital June 12, 2015
Oxford Capital has appointed industry heavyweight Tom Bradley as Managing Director of its growth capital investment business. Tom has invested in a series of successful businesses in the technology and media sectors including (sold to Amazon), NetEconomy (sold to Fiserv) and worked with the team which backed the US$1bn music app provider, Shazam. This…
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Who needs pinhole cameras?

By Oxford Capital March 24, 2015
Unfazed by cloud cover in Oxford, our Infrastructure team took in last week’s eclipse by observing the impact on our portfolio of solar panels. Given the level of cloud cover disrupting the view of this celestial event from our Oxford headquarters, not to mention the dangers of squinting at the sun, the geekier amongst our…
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Crystal Ball 2015 – tech predictions for the year ahead

By Oxford Capital March 23, 2015
Each January, technology journalists and industry commentators are keen to share their predictions for the year ahead. What will be the big tech trends and developments in 2015? Here is our round-up of the best of the pundits’ guesses. 1. Smart phones get smarter Smart phones have got much better at pinpointing where we are,…
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Rise of the wearables?

By Oxford Capital March 23, 2015
The tumbling cost of hardware development and manufacture is helping start-ups enter the wearable technology market in droves, and rapid growth is expected. But there are still other technological limitations for the wearables sector to overcome. If one thing is clear from visiting the Wearable Technology 2015 conference in London, it’s that there’s a wearable…
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Sphere Medical launches Proxima in Europe

By Oxford Capital March 18, 2015
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Panasonic Announces Relationship with PowerOasis

By Oxford Capital February 26, 2015
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Oxford Capital Leads Microbial Solutions Funding Round

By Oxford Capital February 13, 2015
Microbial Solutions Limited, which uses microbes to dispose of industrial waste safely, has completed an investment round led by existing investors Oxford Capital and Midven. The investment will enable Microbial Solutions to build its sales capability and expand its operations into Europe, North America and Asia. Microbial Solutions’ Microcycle™ technology has been proven in rigorous…
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Linkdex Welcomes Cormac Loughran As New CMO

By Oxford Capital February 5, 2015
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