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Oxford Capital Co-Investor Circle wins Best Angel Syndicate award at 2018 Growth Investor Awards

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Oxford Capital Co-Investor Circle wins Best Angel Syndicate award at 2018 Growth Investor Awards

By Oxford Capital |
  • Jenny Tooth, Chief Executive of UKBAA, presented the award to Oxford Capital Co-Investor Circle
  • Visit for details of winners and runners-up in all 15 categories

Oxford Capital Co-Investor Circle has claimed the prestigious Best Angel Syndicate trophy at the fourth annual Growth Investor Awards, organised by Intelligent Partnership.

The award was presented on November 7 at a black-tie gala dinner for over 450 leading lights from the UK’s vibrant SME investment community.

Commenting on the victory, Richard Roberts said: “It is great to have recognition for our Co-Investor Circle. We work hard with every investee company to demonstrate that our investments can be measured in more than just capital terms”.

The judges praised the winner for investing in disruptive businesses and the unfailing support for investees, which resulted in impressive growth. They were also impressed with a strong network of expert angels boasting an impressive number of deals of a significantly larger calibre than other entrants.

The Best Angel Syndicate award honours recognised angel syndicates while highlighting the crucial role angel investing plays in the SME investment ecosystem. Entrants had to provide clear evidence of offering investment at crucial stages of investee company growth. Above all, the judges looked for measurable impact beyond investment through syndicates’ invaluable support, experience, and strategic direction to investee companies.

Guy Tolhurst, managing director of Intelligent Partnership, commented:

“Last year Oxford Capital finished a close second, so it’s great to see the company has gone one better and won this year. Oxford Capital has backed a disruptive medical SME Push Doctor at a pilot stage and has subsequently supported the business in its growth. Since the initial investment, the SME has raised over £28m across three funding rounds.”

Visit for details of winners and runner-ups in all 15 categories and a full coverage of the Growth Investor Awards gala.

About the Co-Investor Circle

The Co-Investor Circle is our network of sophisticated investors, who share our passion for supporting and investing in interesting businesses, with the potential for rapid value growth.

Through the Co-Investor Circle, individuals and family offices can access investments in privately owned companies that would usually only be open to institutional investors, to build their own venture capital portfolio at their own discretion.

When making their investments, members leverage over 60 years of venture capital experience, gaining comfort from Oxford Capital’s due diligence and selection process, and from the same institutional investment terms. After investment, members benefit from our strategic planning and operational value-add to help manage their investment risk and enhance value. Typically we seek to represent investor interests through board seat representation.

About the Growth Investor Awards

Launched in 2015, the Growth Investor Awards have rightly become a major focal point in the UK’s SME investment community calendar. The awards celebrate companies and individuals involved in putting investment to work in high-potential businesses. They honour those providing or helping to source investment and leading players that are helping to optimise growth capital for scaling UK companies.


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