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Curve has developed a ‘money hub’ – a technology platform and smartphone app that allows users to monitor and control their spending across multiple bank accounts and credit cards, all in one place.

When a user has linked their existing payment cards to the app, they can also use a Curve MasterCard to make purchases. The Curve MasterCard simply passes transactions through to whichever account has been selected by the user. For example, a user might set the Curve MasterCard to charge their current account for day-to-day spending, then switch it to their credit card before making a larger purchase. This means they can carry a single card in their wallet, but still effectively decide which account to use for any given purchase. Every transaction from every account can be seen in the app, which includes various tools to help the user keep track of their spending. Curve also plans to offer a range of other financial services through its platform. Foreign exchange services and a rewards program are already in place, and credit and peer-to-peer payment services are in development.

The Curve app and MasterCard have already been launched to a restricted business audience, and a wider consumer launch is planned for the near future.

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