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Hometree is an independent energy efficiency, home improvement service provider, which specialises in boilers and heating systems. They act as an online project manager for boiler replacement and installation projects, and help make homes energy efficient, more comfortable and less expensive to run.

With energy prices constantly trending upwards, it has become difficult for consumers to save money while increasing comfort in their homes. Hometree is an innovative and hassle-free way for homeowners to get energy-saving products, starting with boilers, installed into their homes. Their online boiler installation marketplace offers professional installations of leading boiler brands from start to finish at local prices.

Hometree is positioning itself to be the leading independent energy efficiency and home improvement service provider in the UK, by using technology to deliver high quality products and seamless service at affordable prices. By doing so, Hometree aims to be the trusted online adviser for the energy needs of households across the country.

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