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Oxford Capital and our portfolio companies

Will Tech continue its dominance of the stock market?

By Robin Lincoln November 16, 2017

The following charts from the FT starkly illustrate again how Tech dominates the global stock-markets, and what an extraordinary era of value creation has occurred in the last 8 years. Sceptics will fairly question whether this is a sign that prices are overheated. However, as the bottom chart shows, comparing valuation multiples of Tech from…...

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Why we invested in Wrisk

By Oxford Capital October 24, 2017

We’ve recently announced our newest investment, Wrisk, a great insurtech startup we backed this summer, leading a £3.0m super seed round. I’m super excited that we’ve had the opportunity to back the Wrisk founders Niall & Darius as they set about reimaging how consumers buy and engage with insurance, a process that as you’ll see…...

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What does your Board Pack say about you?

By Robin Lincoln October 19, 2017

Insightful data-led exercise from Union Square Ventures into what makes a great Board Reporting Pack for their portfolio companies. Many useful thoughts here, such as turning a Board into an Input gathering session rather than merely reporting, but the comment on Culture really caught my eye. When I think through the different portfolio company board…...

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AI’s going mainstream

By Will Orde October 17, 2017

You know a technology is reaching mainstream adoption when the government is commissioning reports into growing it as a sector. That is exactly what has just happened for AI. A new independent report looking at the state of AI in the UK, and what we need to do to remain world-leaders, has just been released…....

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Both sides of the Bitcoin

By Robin Lincoln September 19, 2017

An insightful, and very balanced, synopsis from the FT of the most divisive debate in Fintech at the moment – Cryptocurrencies. On one side we have banking aristocracy such as Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, declaring that Bitcoin is a fraud and that he will fire any employee who trades it. On the other,…...

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Planting seeds with Hometree

By Oxford Capital August 3, 2017

A boiler installation company might not sound like an obvious target for venture capital investment. But we believe Hometree is well-positioned to exploit the way the energy market is changing. There are big changes ahead for the UK energy markets With utilities increasingly heading towards a close to zero margin business we have to ask…...

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On the money: Our investment in Curve

By Oxford Capital July 12, 2017

We are very excited to announce our participation in Curve’s Series A round. Curve is building a money hub that uses an all-cards-in-one Curve MasterCard to enable users to spend from all their accounts, and a mobile app to manage their money in one place. In essence it is a cloud platform for all your…...

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Taking the temperature on digital health investments in Europe, as Push Doctor announce their £20m funding round

By Oxford Capital July 5, 2017

We are delighted to announce that our portfolio company Push Doctor has raised a £20m Series B funding round, led by new investor Accelerated Digital Ventures, Draper Esprit, Oxford Capital and Seventure. We first invested in Push Doctor in late 2015, and we’re thrilled to continue supporting the company. Push Doctor is the latest of…...

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Picking winners? How our team weighs up investment opportunities

By Oxford Capital March 7, 2017

Tom Bradley joined Oxford Capital in 2015 and is responsible for investing the funds raised by the firm’s Growth EIS. What does he look for in an entrepreneur and their business, before taking the decision to back them? This blog is aimed at qualified financial advisers. It should not be construed as financial advice and…...

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2017 – Looking into the tech crystal ball

By Oxford Capital December 19, 2016

Along with Christmas jumpers and tinsel, December also brings with it an inbox influx of industry predictions for the coming year. We have sifted through some of the best and come up with our favourite predictions for 2017. TakeawAI This year will see some of last year’s tech highlights entering our homes and becoming more…...

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Why we invested in Red Sift

By Oxford Capital October 26, 2016

We produce huge amounts of data — not just in aggregate on networks synonymous with big data like Google or Facebook — but as siloed users as well. Just have a look at your inbox: Hundreds of messages a day, sent and received, deliverables requested or completed. A goldmine of potentially useful information. Tools such as Google’s Inbox and Notion are already emerging…...

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The Next Generation of Transportation

By Oxford Capital July 6, 2016

At the end of May, I spent two days at the Connected Car Forum in Monaco. Arranged by Cassandra Harris and her team at VentureSpring, the conference attracted some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts from companies including McLaren Applied Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover and Hyperloop. We dived into some fascinating discussions about the future…...

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The perfect investment completion?

By Oxford Capital June 2, 2016

Before a Venture Capital investment completes, both sides of the transaction have to get through a lot paperwork. Rachel Guest explains how the right approach can make for a smooth completion process. There is no such thing as a perfect completion. Despite all parties being committed to a deal, there will always be some small…...

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Four reasons we like property tech

By Oxford Capital April 26, 2016

At Oxford Capital, we are a UK-focused early stage investor. We like to focus on the UK because we are a relatively small team of 8, but also because we believe in the UK’s potential as an ecosystem for nurturing and building great tech businesses. Within the broader UK tech landscape, we like investing in…...

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Building a portfolio: high potential and early growth

By Oxford Capital April 15, 2016

At Oxford Capital, we talk about making two types of investment: High Potential and Early Growth. In each of these areas there are common characteristics that we seek – obvious examples would be the strength of the team, the quality of the product, the track record of execution – but there are also points of…...

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Making sense of gaming metrics: 3 key points

By Oxford Capital February 22, 2016

Hot on the heels of Boris Johnson’s in-minecraft launch of London’s own gaming fund, it’s a great time to be a player in the UK gaming industry. At Oxford Capital, we’ve made 2 gaming investments (Outplay and Kobojo) and continue to be excited by the market opportunity. Here I share the 3 key points that…...

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By Oxford Capital February 18, 2016

In January 2016 Oxford Capital announced its investment in This company has created a software platform (SaaS, or Software as a Service) that can collate vast quantities of unstructured data from across the internet, and turn it into datasets that can be more easily analysed and interpreted at scale. We invested alongside co-lead Imperial…...

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Slush 2015 – Never a better time to be a European entrepreneur

By Oxford Capital November 23, 2015

On the strength of this year’s Slush conference, one of Europe’s biggest tech investment events, it’s clearly an exciting time for European entrepreneurs to be raising money. Welcome the dark. Embrace the cold. So implored the organisers of Slush. 15,000 people heeded the call, descending on the crisply beautiful city of Helsinki for one of…...

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Dublin web summit shows a startup scene in rude health

By Oxford Capital November 4, 2015

Web Summit is one of Europe’s biggest gatherings of startup internet businesses and investors interested in backing them. Will Orde from Oxford Capital spent three days at the summit and couldn’t help being struck by the vibrancy of the early stage scene. No matter what is happening at the later stage of the market, with…...

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Sphere Pleased to Announce Positive Outcome for Proxima in Post Market Clinical Follow-Up Study

By Oxford Capital October 16, 2015

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