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Meet the Oxford Capital team – David McCann, Associate, Investor Relations Operations

1. What’s a typical day like for you at Oxford Capital?

Although I start each day with the same role to do, the tasks are never the same and I’m always kept on my toes. My role is at the heart of the firm, and I support my colleagues by keeping our databases up to date, in addition to working closely with our custodian. I work within both the investment and investor operations teams, assisting them with reporting to our clients so that our investors get the best possible experience.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about your role?

Working within the operations team I spend most of my time looking at spreadsheets and making sure that both Oxford Capital’s and our custodian’s data is correct. One of my main tasks is to produce reports for our investors throughout the life of the product. This starts with EIS certificates after each investment to exit statements at the end of the investment. I’m also heavily involved in our biannual valuation production, keeping our investors up to date with the performance of their portfolios.

3. What have your learnt working through the Covid-19 pandemic?

My professional career started 6 months before Covid so working from home wasn’t too much of a shock to me, in fact I took to it like a fish to water. What I did learn about myself is that although being at home all the time has advantages, I needed to approach my mental wellness in a different way to how I previously had. It really made me miss being able to socialise outside of work, both with colleagues and my close friends.

4. Which of our portfolio companies is your favourite and why?

There are lots of potential favourites within our current portfolio, especially with companies that are champions in ESG practices. If I had to pick one standout it would be Moneybox. On the outside it seems to be a typical fintech but delve deeper and you find that it supports first time buyers looking to get mortgages as well as pension planning. All of this is supported with a range of funds varying in different risk options not to mention responsible investment opportunities.

5. What most interests you about working with early-stage companies and the processes behind this?

Working with early-stage companies from the start of my career has highlighted to me the power of entrepreneurs. These founders find opportunities that are often at the pinnacle of technology and quite often are trying to make the world a better place for all. I’m given a unique opportunity to support and watch businesses grow, from initial ideas to an end product. History has taught us that business is never easy and certainly not guaranteed, but for those willing to take the risk it can be extremely rewarding. It makes me want to potentially start my own business one day.

Quickfire round

1. Favourite pastime/hobby

I’m a keen tennis player having played since a young age. I try and play a few hours every week as it keeps me active as well as socialising with others in my community. I also enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen.

2. Favourite holiday destination

I have recently had the once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Antarctic and visit the penguins. I would love to return one day. I often travel closer to home with Greece being a regular destination.

3. Favourite meal

I find it hard to beat a perfectly cooked steak.

4. Favourite film/TV show

My go to TV show is The Office – although I have watched it multiple times it never fails to put a smile on my face.

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