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Meet the Oxford Capital team – Jessica Dhiman, Compliance Manager

Jessica Dhiman 2 cropped

1. What’s a typical day like for you at Oxford Capital?

 A typical day involves me undertaking tasks that are required to be met for the needs of the  Compliance Team but also tasks for the needs of the business in general.  It means that each day will be varied as although there will be a plan of work to be undertaken within the Compliance Team (and if you work in Compliance you like to plan), it is often unknown what questions and tasks will be asked to be addressed by the business, so you learn to multitask and adapt as necessary.

2. Can you tell us a bit more about your role?

There is no easy way to make working in Compliance sound interesting and a question often asked by people is ‘how do you end up working in Compliance?’. For me it started following a chat with a guy in a pub back in Hampshire, but I digress. There is a breadth of activities required to be addressed as part of my role which includes; regulatory change reviews, regulatory reporting, financial promotion approvals, monitoring tasks, policy and procedure production and training.

3. What have your learnt working through the Covid-19 pandemic?

There was a time whilst working and travelling into London when all I wanted to do was have more dress down days and work from home. I have since learnt that you can definitely have too much of a good thing. I like being around people, getting out of the house and getting out of my slippers. I think hybrid working is a great opportunity and balance for employees and works well for most employers too.

4. Which of our portfolio companies is your favourite and why?

Bower Collective is my favourite, it is a very relevant company for the time that we are living in. It’s mission is to make sustainable living accessible for everyone and therefore it is an area that a lot of people are either onboard with already or want to be part of. It is great to see how well they are progressing in achieving their aim.

5. What most interests you about working with early-stage companies and the processes behind this?

I like that Oxford Capital plays a direct role both financially and in their “backing founders” approach by providing support to portfolio companies on their journey. Having previously worked for large corporate organisations, I find working in a company that supports early-stage companies makes the work that is undertaken much more impactful and interesting.

Quickfire round

 1. Favourite pastime/hobby

Generally keeping active and running. I have run a number of races in the past and try to set goals to keep me focused.  I completed ‘Run the month – marathon edition’ to raise money for prostate cancer research in January and will be training for the Oxford Town and Gown 10k which is in May. Another favourite pastime is drinking wine but I was afraid of being judged if I only put that down! I am now learning about wine too as I have just passed my WSET level 1 wine exam and plan to take level 2 soon.

 2. Favourite holiday destination

I would have to choose Italy. I just love it. The history, the food, the wine, the scenery – it is all so amazing. I went to Rome last October (hurrah for being able to go on holiday again), had my honeymoon in Sorrento and have been on wine/cycling tours in both Tuscany and Umbria.  Barbados would be a close second as that is where I got engaged and I am definitely eyeing up an excuse to go back on a future wedding anniversary (and I’ll prep my husband on that plan soon).

3. Favourite meal

Medium-rare fillet steak from a good restaurant with a side of truffle chips.

4. Favourite film/TV show

The Hangover will always be one of my favourite movies of all-time as I find it absolutely hilarious. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…”. Those of you that also like the movie will know how that line finishes – too funny 😉

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