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Meet the Oxford Capital team – Lucia Gunn, Director, Finance & Operations

Lucia Gunn

1. What’s a typical day like for you at Oxford Capital? Lucia Gunn

Every day is different; there are annual events to manage such as financial and fund accounts, which are externally audited, budget setting with three year forecasts, policy reviews and of course planning the Christmas party. Biannually I chair the Valuations Committee which examines the assumptions behind the latest portfolio share prices, and my team support the creation of Valuation Statements for investors. There is a pattern to each quarter with FCA returns, Town Hall days when the whole team comes together, and Board Meetings.  Each month I focus on the flow of executive management meetings and deliverables from monthly management accounts, to reviewing payroll and supplier payments. Every week I catch up with the team on their projects and help plan the next phases.

Alongside the regular pattern of internal work are the investment deals where allocations are reviewed and funds transferred, fees are calculated and charged. There is certainly plenty to do!

 2. Can you tell us a bit about your background prior to joining Oxford Capital?

After graduating from Oxford University, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte in London, since then I have worked in the City of London and Brisbane, Australia before moving back to Oxfordshire. Prior to Oxford Capital I worked as Finance Director for a tech start up, which became two tech start ups, that experience of working in a broad role for a small company while getting an insight into the pressures early stage businesses face set me up well for my current role, backing founders has real meaning for me.

3. How has the shift to hybrid working post the pandemic impacted how you work and how we operate as a business?

I have worked flexibly for many years since having young children, effectively hybrid working before anyone used the term and it was brilliant for me, enabling me to juggle home and work life while remaining very productive. The pandemic has accelerated a necessary move to enable a more flexible working pattern, which will encourage a more diverse workforce whilst reducing time spent travelling which has significant costs in terms of work life balance and the environment. There is a balance to be struck as strong relationships within teams are vital, we need to encourage the flow of ideas and the ability to challenge, and some team members want to be in the office, the cost of heating homes will be a factor this winter, but that can be managed in a flexible, hybrid environment.

 4. Which of our portfolio companies is your favourite and why?

Moneybox is very exciting at the moment, strong commercial fundamentals, a growing client base and a great appeal to younger generations starting on their financial journeys, perhaps saving for their first home. I also love the mission at Bower Collective to reduce waste, encourage a circular economy and the use of sustainable household products, sustainability has to be built into our way of life not on the edge of it, and Bower is contributing to that.

5. What most interests you about working with early-stage companies and the processes behind this?

Early stage companies are the future of the UK economy, if we want to remain competitive in a global marketplace we need to encourage and invest in innovation, great products and services. Oxford Capital plays a role in supporting this important sector and its good to be part of that.

 Quickfire round

1. Favourite pastime/hobby

Swimming outdoors

 2. Favourite holiday destination

Greek Islands

3. Favourite meal

Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding (though I am trying to eat less meat these days!)

 4. Favourite film/TV show

Breaking Bad

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