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Why Oxford Capital Invested in HealthKey 

In our recent #backingfounders interview, David Jørring, co-founder of HealthKey, shares insights into the innovative digital health company that aims to simplify and enhance access to healthcare.  

HealthKey is described as a “digital front door” focused on preventive and proactive health, specifically designed for employers and insurers to provide a marketplace of healthcare services and products to employees.  

The Birth of HealthKey 

HealthKey was born out of the need to simplify the unnecessarily complicated process of accessing healthcare products and services. The platform integrates a network of health providers and payers, such as insurance companies and corporations, to offer users a seamless experience. HealthKey enables users to discover health products, understand coverage options, and automate payments, eliminating the hassle of reimbursements and out-of-pocket expenses. 

The Role of Insurers and Corporates 

David Jørring highlights two key drivers behind insurers’ interest in platforms like HealthKey: the push for better user experiences, and the economic benefits of preventive health. Insurers are beginning to see the long-term financial benefits of investing in preventive services, which are less costly than treating illnesses. By offering easy access to digital health assessments, telehealth, and other health services, insurers can keep people healthier, reducing long-term costs. 

Founding and Team Dynamics 

Interestingly, Jørring and his co-founder, Tudor Cotop, did not know each other before starting HealthKey. They met through a series of coffees, phone calls, and emails, brainstorming the idea before deciding to work together. Their complementary backgrounds—Jørring in consulting and his co-founder in product development—have been crucial to the company’s success. Their early team-building strategy focused on hiring individuals who excelled in areas where they lacked expertise, such as product design. 

Early Wins and Strategic Partnerships 

One of HealthKey’s pivotal moments was partnering with Aviva, facilitated through the Founders Factory Studio. This early relationship allowed HealthKey to pilot its platform and gain valuable insights directly from an insurance provider, speeding up the development process and ensuring the platform met real industry needs.  

Vision for the Future 

Looking ahead, HealthKey aims to provide a comprehensive front door to health, integrating health data and giving users more control over their healthcare journey. The goal is to empower individuals to manage their health proactively, contributing to longer, healthier lives. By expanding its network and deepening integrations on both the payment and health data sides, HealthKey is poised to transform how people access and manage their health. 

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