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UltraSoC is transforming the way companies develop and manufacture electronic devices and systems. Their products allow engineers to look inside, monitor and analyse the performance of system-on-a-chip technology – complex microchips that contain the circuits and parts needed to run devices such as smartphones and tablets. By using UltraSoC’s technology during development, it is possible to understand how a chip will perform in real-life conditions in its end application. UltraSoC can also improve the security of devices, by using on-chip monitoring to create hardware-based security measures that can’t be fooled by malicious software.

  • UltraSoC collaborates with PDF Solutions to prevent in-life product failures

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  • UltraSoC strengthens management team with appointment of CFO

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  • Cycle-accurate trace boosts performance optimization capabilities of UltraSoC embedded analytics infrastructure

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  • UltraSoC demonstrates advanced multicore debug at Embedded World 2019

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  • UltraSoC announces support for Western Digital RISC-V SweRV Core and OmniXtend cache-coherent interconnect

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  • UltraSoC selected by Esperanto Technologies for RISC-V many-core parallel processing in AI and ML applications

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