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Hometree’s Expansion to Revolutionise UK Home Energy

Illustration of an Oak tree in Oxford

James Stothard

At Oxford Capital, we are proud to back UK start-ups that can make an impact on their sector and the environment.  Today, we are proud to spotlight a significant milestone achieved by Hometree, a cornerstone of our portfolio, which exemplifies our commitment to steering the UK towards a greener, more sustainable future. 

Strategic Expansion and Proven Impact 

Under the leadership of its founder, Simon Phelan, Hometree has recently announced the acquisition and integration of two specialised renewable energy firms into its operations: The Little Green Energy Company (TLGEC) and Geowarmth Heat Pumps Ltd. This expansion is not merely growth for growth’s sake but a calculated step in their mission to decarbonise one million homes by 2030. Both companies bring expertise in the installation and maintenance of heat pumps and solar panels, expanding Hometree’s capabilities and reach. 

The acquisition of these companies is backed by robust financial support, with a debt facility secured from BlackRock, dedicated to financing a series of acquisitions. This move is strategic, aimed at maximising the potential of renewable energy installations across the UK. 

Economic and Environmental Gains 

Transitioning to renewable energy systems is a financially sound decision for UK households, potentially saving up to £300 annually. These savings underscore the economic viability and environmental benefits of adopting green technologies. This shift is not just about cost savings—it’s about making a long-term investment in the health of our planet and our communities. 

Backing Founders as they Grow 

Our mission at Oxford Capital extends beyond immediate financial returns; it’s about creating sustainable value that resonates across generations. With Hometree, we have backed the company at every stage from its first seed financing to its Series B round in 2023 alongside a growing group of great institutions and individuals that share a common belief in the business. 

A Vision for the Future  

Hometree’s latest initiatives are a testament to a proactive approach in a market poised for significant growth amid global shifts towards sustainability. Hometree is offering finance solutions for the installation of low carbon solutions. By December 2023, Hometree had already secured £1.5 million worth of signed agreements under its innovative Solar Plan, showcasing strong market demand and confidence in financial products tailored to green retrofit measures. 

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation 

At Oxford Capital, our investments are aligned with our values while also delivering substantial economic benefits to our investors. By investing in companies like Hometree, we are paving the way for a cleaner, more resilient energy landscape. 

For more information on our portfolio and how you can be a part of this journey, visit our Oxford Capital website

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